To help communities improve and energize their economies. Our "on the ground" economic development experience positions us to understand the challenges of communities and economic development professionals. This unique experience enables us to develop achievable solutions to empower leaders to create sustainable and prosperous economies.

We are leaders in economic development training.  We develop and deliver workshops that specifically address the demands of our complex and important industry.  Our workshops present leading-edge strategies and techniques necessary for communities to remain competitive.  Areas of focus include economic development for elected officials, leadership, business retention, investment attraction and economic disaster recovery.  

Investment Readiness

Disasters often strike with little or no warning, and the damage can be in the billions of dollars. In addition to the social and humanitarian consequences, communities can face dramatic economic losses and dislocation. Unfortunately, disasters have become more frequent in recent years and their impacts have become costlier. We help communities prepare for their economic recovery before a disaster hits and we work with communities to rebuild their economy after a disaster.

Our Mission & Passion


Economic Disaster Recovery

Ensuring your community is as ready as possible to attract and retain business investment means having all the pieces in place when the opportunities arises.  To help you strengthen your investment readiness EDCD Consulting offers knowledge, insight and years of experience working with site selectors and investors.