Our Services

Strategic Economic Development

We determine how your local conditions are impacted by the rest of the world. Then we work closely with you to leverage your assets and reach your economic growth and diversification goals.

  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies
  • Target Industry Analysis
  • Labour Assessment and Workforce Analysis
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Investment Readiness Assessment
  • Reverse Site Selection
  • Performance Metrics

Investment Readiness

Ensuring your community is as ready as possible to attract and retain business attraction. We have developed an investment readiness program for communities to gain a better understanding of how prepared they are for investment.

  • Economic Development Capacity
  • Community Profile Assessment
  • Investment Marketing
  • Investment Inquiries
  • Available Properties and Land Inventory
  • Electronic Readiness
  • Website

Economic Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen – whether it’s a flood, fire, closure of your major employer or some other event (pandemics) that negatively impacts your economy unexpectedly. Unfortunately, disasters have become more frequent in recent years and their impacts have become costlier. We have developed several programs to assist communities both pre- and post-disaster:

  • Economic Disaster Resilience and Recovery Workshops
  • Business Continuity Workshops
  • Economic Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Business Assessments and Economic Impacts

 Business Retention and Expansion

The need to "create from within" is a necessity in today's global economy as many companies can locate almost anywhere. The retention of these companies is crucial and developing relationships with a strong BRE program is a first step.  Our team can work with you on all aspects of BRE, including:

  • Survey Development
  • Business Visitation Program
  • Business Data Analysis
  • Recommendations and Implementation
  • Presentations and Training

Economic Development Toolbox

We know that timely and relevant information is key to constructing an effective economic development plan. We provide a comprehensive collection of the latest and most reliable data for local economic development and marketing efforts and put them into a marketing toolbox including:

  • Economic Demographic Profiles
  • Site Selection Information and Research
  • Industry Analysis and Studies
  • Labour Assessment and Workforce Analysis
  • Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation